Clearing 2022: How to be successful. Every year thousands of students find their perfect course through Clearing on UCAS. It is there for universities to fill their courses as well as providing a safety net for students who have been unsuccessful in their applications, either in securing an offer or not achieving the conditions of their offer. It also offers a second chance for students who have a change of mind about which course they want to study or where they would like to study.

However, Clearing can also be bewildering. It has a ‘January sales on Boxing Day’ feel, because it is a market place. Students, parents and schools are all ‘haggling’ to find the best course and universities and their admissions tutors are all wanting to fill their places with the best available students.

Clearing 2022 opened in July. I’ve just taken a look and you can find places for some of this year’s most competitive courses, engineering and nursing, at some of the most competitive universities: Liverpool, Glasgow, Exeter, Manchester and Newcastle.

It is advisable to plan ahead, either if you haven’t been successful and know that you will definitely be entering clearing or even if you have been successful and secured a conditional offer, and there is a possibility, however small, that you might not achieve the grades. Have it as a ‘back-up’ plan.

Clearing 2022: How to be successful

  • Plan ahead and do your research. Universities generally know which courses will go into clearing ahead of results day. Keep an eye on and university websites, as well as advertising on the sides of buses, the internet, social media and newspapers. Have a list of courses that you are interested in before results day. There are often open days over the summer for you to attend to find out more about the course.
  • Make sure you have the correct email addresses and phone numbers for the admissions departments you are interested in. On the day you might need multiple phones and extra people on hand just in case you are left waiting to get through or on hold and you can make use of that time.
  • Clear your diary on results day and a few days after in case you need to attend an interview or want to visit a university.
  • Start early because, ‘the early bird gets their preferred university course!” Most university phone lines will be open from 8am. You can check online beforehand.
  • Have your details ready, which includes your UCAS ID number, the email address on your UCAS application and your qualifications, including your GCSE results.
  • Shop around. Don’t accept the first offer that comes along. If a university offers you a place, take time to consider it. They will discuss your options over the phone or in an email.
  • Be proud of what you have to offer. This is a two way process and the universities are also selling themselves to you.
  • Don’t be afraid to contact a university that has rejected you to let them know your grades and see if they will re-consider you. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
  • Ask about accommodation and its availability. You will need to have somewhere to live after you have accepted your offer. This can be a big factor in helping you make a decision.

This year competition for the most competitive courses has been higher than ever before and many high ability students have been disappointed. Clearing offers another chance and nobody knows what is going to happen this year, on results day, 18th August 2022.

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