Academic mentoring, careers coaching and academic coaching for primary, GCSE and A level students, carefully guiding young people to achieve their goals.

The most successful students are not the cleverest, but those that study the most effectively.

We provide students with the tools to study effectively and be successful, independent learners – skills they can carry with them throughout their academic and working life.


We provide academic mentoring, careers coaching and academic coaching to primary, GCSE and A level students.

Student Navigator guides and supports young people to develop the knowledge and skills they require to: study effectively, work independently, optimise their outcomes and find success in their studies and futures.

We work both in schools and privately, delivering academic mentoring and academic coaching to students from every type of background and school setting. Our students come from inner city and leafy lane state schools, independent day and boarding schools, selective grammar schools, universities and home education settings.

Our students come from all parts of the UK and overseas. We see students both remotely when they are further afield and face to face from our base in Roundhay, Leeds when they live close enough to travel.

The Student Navigator team consists of six academic mentors and coaches who offer a wealth of expertise and experience. We have been deputy headteachers, assistant principals, heads of sixth form, leaders in teaching and learning and heads of big teaching departments. We are specialists in a large range of GCSE and A level subjects and have experience of supporting all subjects.

We provide relief for parents to best support their children in what can be a minefield of battling pressures and baffling demands on them.

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Primary tutoring and mentoring – the top ten benefits

Primary tutoring and mentoring – the top ten benefits

I’m often asked by parents of primary Year 5 and 6 pupils for advice on how to support their child as the transition to secondary school becomes ever closer. Often parents and carers cannot envisage their ‘little ones’ sitting SATs exams or managing to organise their...

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A level Results Day – everything you need to know

A level Results Day – everything you need to know

Every student, even the most confident, who has sat A levels is nervous about A level results day. It is one of those red (or black) letter days, which you’ll remember for the rest of your life as being either one of the happiest or one of the worst. A level results...

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I have used Fiona for both of my children. My daughter is currently studying at her first choice University. My son, who hates school is being gently coaxed through revising for his GCSES. My children are very different but Fiona has found a way to get alongside both of them and encourage them to do their best. 

Fiona, like all of us, knows that teenagers know EVERYTHING but somehow when she advises them it is not nagging.  Do yourselves a favour fellow parents and outsource the nagging.

A level and GCSE mentoring parent

Claire helped my son to prepare for his French GCSE speaking exam and this made all the difference to his confidence. 

He came out of the exam buzzing and feeling positive about the rest of his exams.  His teacher even emailed me to say how pleased she was with how he did on the day.  Although he doesn’t find French easy, the extra tuition helped him to see he is perfectly capable of doing well in the subject.

GCSE French Speaking session

Fiona’s session was so useful – for my son, but also for me as a parent. The session established homework routines and habits that have supported the transition into high school.

Fiona gave really good advice about navigating new subjects, teachers and classmates, and left my son feeling much more confident and prepared for life as a Y7 student.

Year 7 transition session