We offer single bespoke sessions on a wide variety of areas to help you and your children in their education.

Examples would be:

Primary Education

  • Maths Spotlight Session – for parents to help their child to help themselves in Maths. A diagnostic to spotlight the areas of strength and uncover the areas to develop.


  • How to be a Successful Learner – to help with transition back to school following lockdown to re-discover the confidence and resilience in learning.

Secondary Education

  • Choosing your GCSE options
  • Selecting your A level subjects 
  • Deciding which medical schools to apply for
  • Choosing your Oxbridge College 
  • Reviewing your personal statement


  • Professional CV critique
  • Successful job applications, including writing your personal statement
  • Interview preparation – understanding competency and strength based approaches
  • “What are my options after school” – this session helps you understand the different pathways after Year 11
  • “What are my options post 18?” University or an apprenticeship?
  • An introduction to the job market after university.

Cost: £70

If there is an area that you would like a session in, please do not hesitate to ask us.