It has been such a relief to have Fiona mentor my daughterI have seen her confidence grow after each mentoring session.

To mentor is to guide and a mentor is an experienced or trusted adviser.

This is a mentoring service for young people aged 14 to 19 years old, guiding them through the examination years and onto higher education or the world of work.

Thinking about and aiming for future goals including UCAS support if a applicable

Revision and study techniques that work for you

Organisation skills including time management

Support throughout the academic year

The various requirements and skills of different subjects in the curriculum

Exam preparation and techniques

Aimed at GCSE students from Year 9 upwardsAlevel students, International Baccalaureate students aged 14 upwards  – Middle Years and Diploma Programme


It requires a commitment from the student to want to be mentored, as following the first decidingsession, the student needs to then commit to the mentoring sessions and payment is made monthly until the following August when they can decide if they wish to continue.

Number of Sessions

This is a bespoke service and it depends on the individual needs of the student, how many sessions there are. It normally works out, on average, at one mentoring session per month, but can be a few more (one or two) or a few less (one or two) depending on the demands of the individual student. The sessions are usually more frequent in the first few months as the student starts to get into good habits and then when the student is approaching important exams. However, in some months there may not be any sessions, i.e. in July or August.

 As well as the face to face sessions, the parent/guardian is also able to receive support by email or phone if it is required for their son or daughter.

Other Requirements

A parent or guardian is required to attend the first session with the student. After that it is up to the parent or guardian whether they wish to accompany the student to their mentoring session. However, all correspondence is carried out through the parent or guardian. This also applies to the remote mentoring.

Cost: £75 per month (may vary depending on individual requirements)