My son wanted an A in his AS Physics and was a little under confident in a couple of areas. I suggested that he see Richard for one session, because I had heard from a friend how good he was for coaching Maths. My son reluctantly agreed to go ahead.

He suggested the topics that he wanted to go over. After the first session, he then asked if he could have another one. Just those few sessions with Richard helped boost his confidence and technique in areas that he found trickier and he was ready for his exam.

He duly achieved his A in his AS Physics. He was very good at pitching the session to the right level, challenging my son and explaining the topic areas. I have no hesitation in recommending Richard.

Y12 Coaching parent

My daughter benefited massively from working with Richard at Student Navigator. His thoughtful and positive guidance both academically and generally, helped her to build her confidence in preparing for and giving her A Level exams. I clearly remember the immense pressure my daughter felt prior to her first exam and Richard really helped to ease her worries and to talk her through the exam process and how to handle it.

Richard used goal setting and realistic action plans which helped alleviate my daughter’s anxiety and stress towards the process. He was always there to gently guide her when it all seemed too much for her. Richard’s guidance in Physics was also very helpful in areas she struggled to understand conceptually. He would go through each subject in detail and sort out what my daughter was planning to do for each one. For anything she didn’t have a plan in, he helped her to arrange her thoughts systematically to formulate one effectively.

I’m so grateful for the guidance that she has received from Richard and I know that the techniques and advice she has received from him will surely benefit her throughout university and possibly even further.

Year 13 Mentoring parent