Fiona has been and continues to be, invaluable help to us all throughout the past 3 years. Supporting our newly-diagnosed dyslexic son throughout his A-levels felt like a minefield: as parents, we had begun to lower our expectations for him as he battled through lack of motivation and a pandemic. Fiona’s support completely changed our perceptions of not only what he should do but also what he COULD do.


Fiona has been and continues to be, invaluable help to us all throughout the past 3 years. Supporting our newly-diagnosed dyslexic son throughout his A-levels felt like a minefield: as parents, we had begun to lower our expectations for him as he battled through lack of motivation and a pandemic. Fiona’s support completely changed our perceptions of not only what he should do but also what he COULD do.  An independent, bright and ambitious young man emerged over the course of Fiona’s mentoring, and he is now studying at his first-choice university. It was so pleasing to notice on our first visit to see him at uni that despite his ongoing challenges as a dyslexic student, he was still using Fiona’s methods of timetabling, revision planning and organisational strategies. Fiona is now working with our youngest son, supporting him in preparing for his GCSEs. She provides a welcome support in motivating, challenging and supporting students at what can be an overwhelming time in terms of parent/teenager relationships! I would highly recommend Fiona’s services.

Year 13 and Year 11 parent

I have used Fiona for both of my children. My daughter is currently studying at her first choice University. My son, who hates school is being gently coaxed through revising for his GCSES. My children are very different but Fiona has found a way to get alongside both of them and encourage them to do their best. 

Fiona, like all of us, knows that teenagers know EVERYTHING but somehow when she advises them it is not nagging.  Do yourselves a favour fellow parents and outsource the nagging.

A level and GCSE mentoring parent

Fiona at Student Navigator (SN) made a huge difference to our daughter securing her chosen university
place and future career path. They explored career options together, her learning style and then put
together plans on how to maximise her chances of success. Plans included targeting work experience,
detailed development of her personal statement and practice interviews.
As parents we were naive and unable to provide this level of advice and even if we could have providing
this to your own daughter is difficult at best. Happily, she is now settled in to her course and is thriving.

Our son is now embarking on the journey with SN and he is already much more focussed.
In a world where competition is greater than ever before SN makes a difference and has been money
well spent for us.

Year 13 parent



“Whilst studying for my A-levels there were quite a few moments when it all seemed too much, I was extremely lucky to have Fiona there to help. In our sessions she would check in on how I was doing in my subjects, working out where I was doing well and where needed a bit more attention. Fiona would then help me develop a plan of action to achieve smaller goals, without getting panicked about the larger picture. 

When it came to personal statements and university applications I had become very singled minded in what I wanted to do and hadn’t considered all the options, thankfully Fiona was there to make sure I had everything I needed if I did change my mind. As Fiona predicted; I did, so when the time came there was no last minute panic to get everything together. 

Throughout my A-levels Fiona was always there when I needed support, encouragement and help with assignments I couldn’t get my head around. She taught me good habits and skills that I look forward continuing to use when I start studying at University in September.

Year 13 student

Fiona supported my son through his A Level studies during the pandemic. We found her to be
positive, encouraging, kind, knowledgeable, pragmatic and challenging where needed. It was my
son’s choice to continue working with her throughout, as he found her support to be helpful. In a
school environment where support for the individual can be lost, working with Fiona was
invaluable, in helping him with his studies and preparing for exams, with making university choices
and with his university personal statement.

Year 13 parent


Fiona from student navigator was so helpful throughout her time from GSCE’s to A level as my
mentor. She guided me through my studies by helping me find my own effective study methods,
really boosting my confidence and motivation, and improving my organisation skills. When I was
choosing my undergraduate degree, she guided me through the difficult decision-making and
application process. Fiona helped me become a generally better student, allowing me to smash my
A levels and get into my top uni! Thank you

Year 13 student

Fiona’s session was so useful – for my son, but also for me as a parent. The session established
homework routines and habits that have supported the transition into high school. Fiona gave
really good advice about navigating new subjects, teachers and classmates, and left my son
feeling much more confident and prepared for life as a Y7 student.


Year 7 transition session


We found the mentoring extremely helpful for our son, whose autism affects his executive
functioning, meaning we needed a lot of help to get him organised. He had the additional challenge
of feeling overwhelmed by stress at times. I found you calm, patient and positive, inspiring
confidence in in our son’s ability to succeed.

Year 13 parent

Our son’s words:
Fiona was always very understanding of my issues, helped me manage my time more efficiently,
helped me understand some topics that I was struggling with and was always very patient despite
my limited understanding of some of the topics we were covering. She was very organised and
efficiently kept track of all the issues I raised with my subjects, consistently bringing them up and
trying to help me through them weeks after I had initially mentioned them to her.

Year 13 student

My son and I visited Fiona as we were struggling to decide which GCSE subject options my son
should take. As always she was amazing; in a calm and relaxing environment she discussed all the
subjects my son was currently doing, which subjects he enjoyed and which he didn’t and the
reasons behind each. She then talked through options he was considering and by looking at his
strengths and weaknesses helped him choose which subjects would suit him best. She had
extensive knowledge of the school and exam board they use which helped us. We arrived feeling
confused and worried but left relaxed and happy that we had really made an educated decision
that would suit. Can’t recommend Fiona enough.

GCSE choices session

 Having Student Navigator help me with my Statement helped take the stress out of applying for

Year 13 student

My daughter was unsure about what subject to study at Uni but Student Navigator helped her
work through some ideas and thoughts which meant she was able to confidently apply

 Year 13 Parent

When studying for A levels, choosing a university and writing a personal statement, Fiona was hugely supportive and helpful. Though I found year 13 particularly difficult, Fiona provided me with the right tools and guidance to help me adapt. As a result, I had a very successful year and achieved all the goals we set together. Fiona taught me the valuable skills of planning my weeks, motivating myself and learning from failure. She provided me with the courage and confidence to apply for more challenging universities than I had considered. I will be eternally grateful to Fiona for using her expertise to help me reach my full potential and encouraging me to challenge myself.

History Graduate

I first began seeing Fiona during year 11 in order to get some support for my GCSEs, since then she has guided me through GCSEs, A-levels and the university application process to secure a place studying medicine.

 During sessions we would reflect on progress and setbacks in each subject. We discussed revision techniques which worked and put in place systems that I used to revise and complete work in a way which was manageable, achievable and worked for me.

 Fiona helped me to plan out my revision and school work in a way which was less daunting and focused on my ultimate goal. She helped my to see my work as a whole rather then getting bogged down in small details. I was helped to focus on my progress towards that goal and identify the areas that needed prioritising and how we would go about this.

 When it came to the university application process for medicine Fiona was extremely knowledgable and helped to guide me with my personal statement, interview practice and even choosing universities.

 Fiona provided me with something I could not have accessed at school. She had taught me skills and instilled habits which I have taken to university and will do beyond that.

Medicine Undergraduate

I have been so impressed with Fionas ability to carefully guide and advise my sons through GCSEs , A levels and University applications. Her detailed knowledge of the curriculum and examination structures combined with her clear advice on how to organise revision, school workload and approach exams are invaluable.I can see my sons have benefited from  Fiona’s positive,  non judgmental approach. As a parent this helps you support them more effectively through exams  at what can be a stressful time for them and  you.  The mentoring provides a safe space for students, away from the school environment, to explore how best they can feel confident  in their own ability regardless of their academic attainment. 

Parent of GCSE and A’level Student

Fiona Maida was a rock of support, advice and guidance throughout my two years at Sixth Form. Where my Sixth Form could not support me in making tough decisions about my future or offer crucial feedback needed to help me improve, Fiona was invaluable! Fiona supported me in writing my personal statement and it allowed me to feel proud of my achievements. I was able to dramatically improve my mock exam grades for the exams which really counted, through simple steps which Fiona clearly laid out for me. But most importantly, Fiona supported every single one of my dreams and ambitions and not only believed in me but helped me to identify what my true aspirations were. I am now at my first choice of University, something I never believed I was confident enough to do. Fiona gave me the freedom to aim for the stars but the advice to ground me in order to make those goals a reality. I cannot recommend Fiona enough.

Architecture Undergraduate

We are fortunate to have had Fiona recommended to us to help our 15 year old son build his academic confidence and improve his general organizational skills. We do not live in the UK so my son has been speaking to Fiona via FaceTime since August. Fiona is extremely well organised and is committed to understanding my son’s specific needs and in this relatively short space of time she has built a very good working relationship with him. We are already seeing a big improvement in his work habits and overall willingness to engage with his school subjects. Fiona has managed to actually get him talking constructively about his school subjects and assignments, and by setting clear realistic weekly schedules for him to follow, he has become more responsible about making sure he gets his work done.

Where we, as his parents, seem to create anxiety every time we ask about how school is going or attempt to help if he is struggling with something Fiona is able to connect with him in a way that is productive and stress free. We are so grateful that we have been able to make this work long-distance and are looking forward to continuing in 2019.

Parent of International Baccalaureate Student

I was lucky enough to come across Fiona when my daughter was studying for her GCSEs and there was a sense that some outside help with planning would help ease stress levels. The advice and strategies Fiona gave at this stage were invaluable and the goals my daughter had set herself started to feel achievable.

At the same time my eldest was writing his personal statement for university applications, and as I had little understanding of the system I asked Fiona for some advice. Fiona guided him through the UCAS application process in a way that allowed him to express his individuality and show the real reason for choosing the course he wanted to do. He found the session very useful and was more than happy to have a few more to help structure revision planning and review his methods of working.

After success in her GCSEs, my daughter continued to see Fiona through sixth form for support with A level choices, and the UCAS application process for Medicine. Fiona helped with interview technique, revision strategies, and crucial reflection on learning progress.

I can confidently say that Fionas approach has helped my children to become independent learners who are able to plan and execute the workloads that are demanded of them at school, university and beyond. Having a trusted mentor outside the family has complimented the support and encouragement we give as parents, and our children would themselves wholeheartedly recommend Fiona.

Parent of GCSE and Alevel Students

Applying to study Medicine can be a daunting prospect. I found the personally tailored advice and guidance by Fiona on preparing a personal statement, studying techniques, which universities to apply for and interview preparations very invaluable. She was able to highlight my weak areas and helped to boost my confidence. I am certain that Fionas help was essential in my securing three invitations for interviews at Newcastle, Manchester and Liverpool and comes highly recommended.

Medicine Applicant