Sadie was always a conscientious child, wanting to do her best but, early in Year 6, she became aware that she was beginning to struggle with some aspects of maths. This severely knocked her confidence. She felt that she did not know how to tackle even the simplest of problems.

Helen’s warm, relaxed style with engaging, fun, short activities quickly built a ‘can do’ attitude. Sadie eagerly looked forward to the lively, weekly sessions and her brother started joining in too, as he didn’t want to miss out on the fun!

She confidently sailed through the SATs testing week and achieved the standard we knew she was capable of, before her confidence had been shattered. Most importantly, Helen prepared her with life skills for transition to Year 7 – How to stay calm; think things through; use what you know.

Sadie continues to thrive and grow. We would not hesitate to recommend Helen.

Helen is calm, encouraging and very knowledgable, so was able to quickly understand how to get the best out of my daughter. Helen’s advice was easy to follow and was individually tailored to help my daughter feel more confident in her learning. Helen’s mix of games and more formal methods have helped my daughter flourish.  I have no hesitation in recommending her.

Great to work with Helen.  She is so knowledgeable and passionate about early mathematics, and clearly loves working with children. 

Thank you to Helen for an excellent day of training.  Staff came away full of enthusiasm and buzzing with ideas that I have already seen being used in the classroom with children this morning. 

Helens training was inspiring.  The whole day was engaging, with clear messages and lots of relevant ideas and examples for children of all ages.  Helen was very approachable, and answered every question knowledgeably.

Elliott had started to struggle with maths and lost all his confidence over the course of one term in primary school

This was really upsetting for everyone – we could see how frustrated he was, there were many tears over homework and Elliott started to call himself stupid.

We worked with Helen to assess his level of achievement and to work on building his confidence. Within a couple of weeks, Helen had helped Elliott to see that he was far from stupid; she revisited some of the basics through games to build back his confidence and to make sessions fun, and she also showed him how to cope with questions that were challenging, by addressing them slowly and methodically, rather than getting upset.

The transformation in Elliotts confidence was rapid and his work and attitude to maths at school improved almost immediately.  Over the course of primary school, we dipped in and out of working with Helen whenever Elliott started to wobble again, and he still uses the techniques she taught him now that hes in Year 10.  

I would recommend Helen without hesitation. Working with her is one of the best things we did to support Elliott through primary school.